Course Projects

Collection of my selected course projects.

Recommender Systems

Countering Popularity Bias via Mixed Sampling Guided Regularization
Spring 2023, course project mentored by Prof. Hongyi Wen.
Haoming Liu and Haohai Pang.
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Computer Vision

Towards Generalized Few-shot Segmentation: On Contrastive Learning and Background Information Modeling
Fall 2022, senior capstone mentored by Prof. Li Guo.
Haoming Liu, Chengyu Zhang, and Xiaochen Lu.
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Semi-supervised Object Detection with Masked Autoencoders
Spring 2022, course competition mentored by Prof. Yann LeCun and Prof. Alfredo Canziani. Ranked the 3rd among 21 teams.
Haoming Liu, Wenbin Qi, and Harry Lee.
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RepMAF: When Re-parameterization Meets Multi-scale Attention
Fall 2021, course project mentored by Prof. Rob Fergus.
Haoming Liu, Chen Song Zhang, and Jiayao Jin.
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Natural Language Processing

Evaluating Parameter-Efficient Tuning Methods in Low-Data Regimes
Spring 2022, course project mentored by Prof. Sam Bowman.
Haoming Liu, Xiaochen Lu, and Wenbin Qi.
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On the Pitfalls of Weight Decay Decoupling
Fall 2023, course project mentored by Prof. Chris Musco.
Haoming Liu and Xinhao Liu.
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Optimization of Water Cooler Placement
Spring 2023, course project mentored by Prof. Zhibin Chen.
Haoming Liu and Shizhao Yang.
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Information Visualization

Life Hacking on Time Management: Daily Life Visualization
Fall 2020, course project mentored by Prof. Xianbin Gu.
Haoming Liu.
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