Hammond Liu | 刘浩铭


I’m a senior at NYU Shanghai, pursuing a CS major and a Math minor. I love uncovering mysteries and finding patterns behind them. Designing deep learning models and writing code elegantly has brought me a lot of fun. Currently, I’m applying for Ph.D. and thesis-track M.S. programs.

I’m interested in Deep Learning in general, though my research experience was more dedicated to Computer Vision. I wish to tackle the lack-of-resource scenarios in real-world applications through data-efficient learning paradigms or generic feature representations. I’m also open to other topics that fit my background and have application prospects - I want to do something practical instead of improving SOTAs blindly. My recent research is about generalized few-shot segmentation.


2019-Present B.S., Computer Science, NYU Shanghai, China. (Cumulative GPA: 3.92/4.00, Major GPA: 3.96/4.00)


2022 Pyramid-Context Guided Feature Fusion for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation [Paper] [Video] [Code]
Proceedings of the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo Workshops (ICMEW)
Haoming Liu*, Li Guo*, Zhongwen Zhou, Hanyuan Zhang


2022 Boosting Few-Shot Segmentation via Instance-Aware Data Augmentation and Local Consensus Guided Cross Attention [Codebase]
Submitted to the 2023 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
Li Guo*, Haoming Liu*, Chengyu Zhang, Yuxuan Xia, Xiaochen Lu, and Zhenxing Niu


Fall 2022 Towards Generalized Few-shot Segmentation: On Contrastive Learning and Background Information Modeling [Video] [Report] [Code]
Capstone Project (CSCI-SHU 420: Computer Science Senior Project)
Haoming Liu, Chengyu Zhang, Xiaochen Lu, Mentor: Prof. Li Guo

Spring 2022 Evaluating Parameter-Efficient Tuning Methods in Low-Data Regimes [Report] [Code]
Course Research Project (DS-UA 203: Machine Learning for Language Understanding)
Haoming Liu, Xiaochen Lu, Wenbin Qi, Mentor: Prof. Sam Bowman

Spring 2022 Self-supervised Pre-training for Object Detection [Video] [Report] [Code]
Course Competition [Rank 3/21] (CSCI-GA 2572: Deep Learning)
Haoming Liu, Wenbin Qi, Harry Lee, Mentor: Prof. Yann LeCun, Prof. Alfredo Canziani

Fall 2021 RepMAF: When Re-parameterization Meets Multi-scale Attention [Video] [Report] [Code]
Course Research Project (CSCI-GA 2271: Computer Vision)
Haoming Liu, Chen Song Zhang, Jiayao Jin, Mentor: Prof. Rob Fergus

Summer 2021 Contract Parsing & Key Content Extraction [Abstract]
Research Assistant Project on Optical Character Recognition
Haoming Liu, Mentor: Prof. Chenghe Guan

Summer 2021 A General Feature Fusion Paradigm for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation [Report] [Code]
DURF Summer Research Project
Haoming Liu, Mentor: Prof. Li Guo

Fall 2020 Face Mask Detection based on Transfer Learning and YOLO v4 [Report] [Code] [Demo]
Course Project (CSCI-SHU 360: Machine Learning)
Haoming Liu, Kaiwen Dai, Chunli Xu, Mentor: Prof. Enric Junqué de Fortuny

Fall 2020 Life Hacking on Time Management: Daily Life Visualization [Report] [Demo]
Course Project (CSCI-SHU 235: Information Visualization)
Haoming Liu, Mentor: Prof. Xianbin Gu

Summer 2020 Large-parallax Image Alignment Algorithm based on Sub-plane Segmentation [Report]
DURF Summer Research Project
Haoming Liu, Mentor: Prof. Xianbin Gu

Fall 2019 Encrypted Chat System & Cloud Drive [Code] [Slides]
Course Project (CSCI-SHU 101: Intro to Computer Science)
Haoming Liu, Xilin Chen, Mentor: Prof. Xianbin Gu


2020-Present Computer Vision Research Assistant, Mentor: Prof. Li Guo, NYU Shanghai.

Summer 2021 OCR Research Assistant, Mentor: Prof. Chenghe Guan, NYU Shanghai.

Fall 2022 Machine Learning Course Assistant (STEM Lead), NYU Shanghai.

Spring 2021 Information Visualization Course Assistant, NYU Shanghai.

2020-2021 President, Splice Club (CS/DS focused), NYU Shanghai.

Awards & Honors

2021 & 2022 Research Assistant Fund, NYU Shanghai.

2020 & 2021 Deans’ Undergraduate Research Fund, NYU Shanghai.

2019-2021 Dean’s List for Academic Year, NYU Shanghai.


[Programming] Python, C, Javascript, Matlab, HTML, CSS, Linux, Git, LaTeX, Markdown, Slurm.

[Language] Native in Mandarin, Working proficiency in English (TOEFL 105, 27 for Speaking).


CSCI-SHU 2314: Discrete Maths
MATH-SHU 140: Linear Algebra
MATH-SHU 235: Probability and Statistics
MATH-UA 123: Calculus III
MATH-UA 251: Intro to Math Modeling

CSCI-SHU 210: Data Structures
CSCI-SHU 215: Operating Systems
CSCI-SHU 220: Algorithms
CSCI-SHU 235: Information Visualization
CSCI-UA 201: Computer Systems Organization
CSCI-UA 467: Applied Internet Technology (audit)
CSCI-UA 480: Computer Networks

CSCI-SHU 360: Machine Learning
CSCI-UA 9472: Artificial Intelligence
LING-UA 52: Machine Learning for Language Understanding
CSCI-GA 2271: Computer Vision (graduate course)
CSCI-GA 2572: Deep Learning (graduate course)


I enjoy logging my daily activities and visualizing them - this helps me adjust my work-life balance and make better use of my time. Click here to see some of my visualizations.

I study Yi Jing (易经) and play guitar in my spare time. Recently, I’m learning to play Guqin (古琴).

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